good design starts with the heart 

LOVE WORK PAUSE PLAY REPEAT® is the living and working mantra and product of SeeMeDesign, a company specializing in graphic design and brand identity strategy, creation and development from the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.

At SeeMeDesign, we believe love is at the root of all successful people, places and projects. The love put into a project speaks in a way that simple goods and services cannot. It envelops the product with sincerity, care and distinction, ultimately expressing why its owner opens their door each and every day. Businesses that begin with love do their crafts well, which is the first step of success.

Our branding process also begins with love and an exploration of the love in what our clients do, shining light on their hearts and souls to help them reach their full potential. We approach our work as designers, as problem solvers and as fellow entrepreneurs, exploring our clients’ drive, motivation and place in the world before creating brands that serve as a bridge to their customers. The result: A well-considered statement that invites people from around the corner and across the globe to experience something truly great.

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